September 29, 2021Space Management

Simple Ways To Refresh and Declutter

I love to collaborate with boss ladies whose mission is to improve the lives of other woman and their families. In that vein, I had a great discussion with Emily Graham of about the challenges we face when managing clutter. Emily was full of great ideas I’d like to share. Many families spend a lot of time in the family room, whether to read, watch TV, play video games or to en …

August 2, 2021Home Interior

The Power of a Scented Home

Until recently, I didn’t realize the true power of aroma. An email triggered my epiphany – one of several unsolicited inbox messages I receive daily – I’m sure you can relate.  But it was appealing, so I clicked. It was inviting me to try an Aromatic Infuser. The email was thought provoking but I was in work mode, so I moved on with little intention to revisit the site. The following aft …

November 10, 2020Decoration

A Time for Reflection

Sunroom Decorating We’re spending more time in our homes unlike ever before, giving us time to reflect.  Is your interior comfortable, functional and inviting?  Perhaps your taste has changed.  Is the color palette and furniture you loved years ago just not working for you anymore?   Here are some tips for the sunroom/breakfast room; a space where we love to dine, work, rela …

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