Home renovations transform and revitalize your house, but they can also be expensive and challenging. Fortunately, you don’t need to do an entire remodel. There are ways to redecorate and revive your home that are manageable and budget-friendly. Here are some tips from Fabrian Interiors to help update, refresh and enliven your home.

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Reclaim Your Space by De-Cluttering

One of the first things to do when you refresh your home is to remove clutter. Clearing out things you no longer need or want frees up space, makes your house look tidier, and reduces your stress levels. If you struggle to let go of possessions, start by getting rid of trash, recyclables and items that don’t function. Give a second life to useful things by donating old clothing or reselling electronics and furnishings (see our last blog for more on help with de-cluttering).

Design a Home Office

If you’re currently working from your coach or dining room table, now’s the time to design a home office that maximizes your productivity and focus. Locate your office away from distractions and high-traffic areas of your home. Then invest in an ergonomic chair and desk and try to let in as much natural light as possible into your workspace.

Arrange and Accessorize Your Furniture

If you’re tired of your old furniture, try rearranging it before you replace it. Simply moving a sofa or table can transform a room. Determine a single focal point for the room, like a bed, couch or dining table, and arrange the rest of the furnishings around it. Experiment with placing pieces away from the wall for a unique layout. Add accessories like rugs, cushions and house plants to give your old furniture a new vibe.

Upgrade Finishes and Coordinate Colors

For a more impactful change, update house finishes by replacing hardware, painting walls and cabinets, and updating window treatments and flooring. Feature walls showcasing beautiful wainscotting and custom wallpaper for your home is trending and can make a huge impact without breaking the bank. These upgrades are more lasting, so consider the impact on your home’s value, especially if you’re planning to sell within the next five years. You should research features in-demand among buyers in your area and document any significant changes you make with before and after pictures.

Also, try to coordinate color and texture throughout the entire house for a polished look.. For example, if you have the same hardwood throughout your house, choose wall paint colors that complement the flooring.

 Optimize Your Lighting for Day and Night

You can use lighting, both natural and artificial, to make your home more functional and attractive. Light-colored walls and shiny décor reflect light and brighten spaces. Studies suggest that natural light increases productivity and reduces stress. Maximize your sunlight by placing mirrors across from windows and hanging translucent curtains or shades. In the evening, use table lamps to illuminate areas like desks that get frequent use. Soften harsh overhead lighting by replacing the bulbs and upgrading the fixtures to create a welcoming ambient glow throughout the house.

Subdivide Large or Open Spaces by Function

Open floor plans create the opportunity to customize your house for your needs. If you have an open space or a large room and are unsure what to do with it, consider dividing the room into functional vignettes. Depending on your interests, you could create a nook of bookshelves with a cozy armchair for reading, a peaceful meditation corner, or a compact home gym with dumbbells and a fitness mat. Use room divider screens, carpets or even different paint colors to delineate zones within a room.

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Fabrian Interiors specializes in residential restyling projects, ranging from one room to an entire house.

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