Sunroom Decorating

We’re spending more time in our homes unlike ever before, giving us time to reflect.  Is your interior comfortable, functional and inviting?  Perhaps your taste has changed.  Is the color palette and furniture you loved years ago just not working for you anymore?  

Here are some tips for the sunroom/breakfast room; a space where we love to dine, work, relax and play.

Sunroom Secrets!

If you are lucky enough to own one, the most important thing to remember is to make your sunroom feel like an outdoor room, indoors. 

Paint or decorate with in cheerful colors. Whites, greys and yellows are common but don’t be afraid to use bright colors.

Arrange the furniture around a focal point (a window or fireplace) and be sure to leave enough room for easy movement around the room.

Coordinate your pieces so they meld and add to the flair of your home.  Consider natural furniture pieces made of teak, rattan or metal.  Cement or stone elements make for beautiful coffee and side tables.  

Select fabrics that the sun won’t fade, especially if using indoorfurniture in your sunroom – by the way, that’s perfectly ok!

If you love modern furniture with clean lines and low profiles, be sure to test for comfort – just as important as style.  

What about Window Treatments?

Natural shades like bamboo, reeds, grass, and jutes or shutters are sunroom stunners.

  • Natural shades like bamboo, reeds, grass, and jutes or shutters are sunroom stunners.
  • If opting for drapery panels or top treatments, cottons, linens and sheers work best.

And the Finishing Touches?

A few lovely plants are more than appropriate.  But don’t make the mistake of turning your sunroom into an arboretum, taking the focus away from the outdoors and your furnishings. Keep it simple – selectively less is more!

-Choose a few key decorative accessories and add unique lighting that will allow for evening enjoyment.  Again, keep it simple but make it functional.

When decorating or restyling a room, consider how you’ll be using the space. Will you be working and relaxing? Will you be dining and entertaining during family gatherings? Can I update some of the pieces I already have, and perhaps repurpose them?

Happy Restyling!

Yes, I realize it’s easier said than done. As always, call me if you need some help.

Fabrian Echols, C.I.D.




Fabrian Echols, C.I.D.

Certified Interior Decorator

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