Until recently, I didn’t realize the true power of aroma. An email triggered my epiphany – one of several unsolicited inbox messages I receive daily – I’m sure you can relate.  But it was appealing, so I clicked.

It was inviting me to try an Aromatic Infuser. The email was thought provoking but I was in work mode, so I moved on with little intention to revisit the site.

The following afternoon, I walked into an Anthropologie store – window shopping is one of my favorite pastimes – and I was overcome by the scent in the air. It was calming, uplifting and empowering.  My mood elevated immediately.

As it turns out, scenting a room can trigger heightened feelings and in turn, influence our behavior.  Karen Gilbert, author of The Art and Craft of Fragrance explains that scent flows to the brain “where feelings, moods, emotions, sexual behavior and memory are processed”.  So there it is! My mood changed because of the Sage, Fig and Citrus smell that engulfed my brain as I entered the store.

Usually, I’m a deliberate and rather impatient shopper. On that day, I slowed down taking in every aspect of the ambience.  You know the famous L’Oréal slogan “…because I’m worth it”? I felt calm, beautiful and deserving. So, I made a truly spontaneous but fulfilling purchase.

Realizing the aroma nudged my amour-propre, the next day I re-clicked that email. I encourage you to put the power of aromatherapy to the test in your home.  Fill your favorite room – your bath, your bedroom – with Lavender, Orange Citrus, Lemongrass, Sage or Eucalyptus. https://vitruvi.com/collections/diffusers

If you’re daring, create your own mixed fragrance to influence your mood. I love this book: https://www.amazon.com/Perfume-craft-fragrance-Karen-Gilbert/dp/1782495266. It’s full of scientific information on scents and great ideas for making your own.

Enjoy, and scent your life!!




Fabrian Echols, C.I.D.

Certified Interior Decorator

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