I love to collaborate with boss ladies whose mission is to improve the lives of other woman and their families. In that vein, I had a great discussion with Emily Graham of http://Mightymoms.net about the challenges we face when managing clutter. Emily was full of great ideas I’d like to share.

Many families spend a lot of time in the family room, whether to read, watch TV, play video games or to entertain. Not surprisingly, this space can easily be taken over by messy clutter. No matter the layout of your family room or the size of your current budget, there are quick and easy ways to spruce up and de-clutter your space.

Check out these easy tips, compliments of Fabrian Interiors.

  1. Give Your Furniture Some Love 

The furniture you place throughout your living room sets the tone for the entire space. To avoid overcrowding, consider whether there are any unnecessary pieces of furniture you could eliminate. Large end tables and reclining chairs, for instance, can easily dominate an area. You could also make the room feel brighter and more open simply by adding a slipcover in a light shade to your couch.

Once you determine which pieces of furniture are keepers, it’s worthwhile to invest in professional furniture cleaning. Upholstered furniture can absorb odors and become stained over time which may leave this piece feeling worn or outdated. Before selecting a furniture cleaning company, be sure to do your research on a service site like Angi.com. Find a business that doesn’t use all-in-one cleaning devices, and make sure it has garnered excellent reviews and referrals.

  1. Introduce Baskets and Bins

Organizing your living room shouldn’t mean getting rid of the gear you use on a daily or weekly basis, but some clutter professionals recommend using simple storage solutions. A tidy and trendy way to store your possessions for easy access is to place baskets and bins in key areas. Baskets of different shapes and sizes can be placed on the top of your coffee table, on bookshelves and next to seating. Shallow baskets work well for holding things such as TV remotes, coasters and magazines. Deep baskets can be used to store throw pillows and blankets. Large baskets placed on the lower levels of bookshelves or inside cabinets are useful when sorting and storing kids’ toys.

  1. Utilize Hidden Storage Compartments

Though bookshelves and coffee tables offer a lot of easy-access storage, you don’t want to overstuff them or your family room will look too busy. Instead, capitalize on cabinets, drawers and other hidden spots. Dressers, hutches and entertainment centers, for example, offer plenty of storage space that isn’t immediately apparent. Many ottomans are for storage, allowing you to conceal board games, toys and blankets. I have great sources for some stylish storage ottomans if you need my help.

  1. Make the Most of Vertical Space

Many homeowners forget about vertical space that could be used for storage. Floating shelves, for instance, double as storage areas and decorative wall art. These shelves come in numerous designs, including square, triangular and even hexagonal shapes that you can artistically spread out on your living room walls. These smaller floating shelves work well for decor like vases, plants and candles. Long horizontal shelves are great places to store books. Avoid overcrowding any one shelf and use eye-catching bookends and different stacking styles to break up lengthy rows of reading material.

The goal in tidying up your family room is not to make it look like no one lives there. Your space should be cozy, familiar and well-loved. Even so, keeping the floor, seating and tabletops of your living room mostly free of clutter gives you and your family more space to do the things you love.

Sometimes a family room needs more than a good clean and declutter. If your living room needs a styling update, call us or connect using the Fabrian Interiors contact form for help breathing new life into your favorite space. Reach out today for a consultation!


Fabrian Echols, C.I.D.

Certified Interior Decorator

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